Why Instafly is the best?

The highest promotion efficiency. Only targeted users, only real users from Instagram. No any bots and black methods!

Exercise full control

Instafly is a unique service that provides Instagramers a wide variety of customization options and filters that enables them to increase the number of their Instagram followers, comments and likes and comments, all coming from targeted audiences that are genuinely interested.

Safe and secure

Instafly is the most reliable, risk-free and safest service available for Instagrammers. It automatically reduces the automation speed to ensure that your account stays completely safe and not hit the limits of Instagram. Instagfly lets you have total control over speed settings.

Free trial

We, at Instafly are proud to bring you the service you have been looking for and we are confident that you will love it. We are offering a Free 7 Day Trial to all Instagrammers to use Instafly and benefit from our services.

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Fully automated

With Instafly, you can get everything all your activities fully automated, from following your friends and followers to liking and commenting, all based on specific geolocation and hashtags that you use. You can easily unfollow users that are unrelated.

No installations! No downloads!

Instafly is the most convenient service for automating Instagram. You neither have to install nor download any software to get exposure on Instagram. Instafly is the safest bot that works perfectly on the web while you sit back and earn the exposure you deserves.

Login anytime and from anywhere

Instafly is well integrated with all types of servers and work conveniently on all platforms as well. Feel free to login, switch accounts or logout of your Instagram account, Instafly will continue to run smoothly.

Easy and instant set up

Instafly is very easy to work with. You can instantly set up a hundreds of Instagram accounts in one go. All you need to do is go through our short and easy how to guide and learn how to set up accounts in minutes.

Mobile friendly

Instafly website works seamlessly with all mobile devices. Allowing you to use Instafly while you are on the go. Access your account and manage all your activities from anywhere and anytime.

Prompt customer support

Instafly is always ready to provide you technical assistance throughout the day. Contact us with your queries and our support team will be with you in no time.

No credit card required

You can gain instagram followers completely FREE!

Testimonials / Reviews

Vera Bambi

Instafly is the real deal
"Instafly has not only helped me increase followers on Instagram but has led me to make some real great friends out of my followers! Instafly works like a charm!"

Spike Orion

Very impressed!
"Before Instafly, it was extremely hard for me to reach out to all the people I wanted to on Instagram, but Instafly has made it so easy for me to connect with hundreds and thousands of people whenever I want. I just love how smoothly Instafly works! Going to use the service for a very long time."


Superb Service!
"Instafly is amazing! It helped our business connect with our targeted audience and increased the number of followers within a few weeks! Instafly has revitalized our presence on Instagram! We highly recommend them!"


Smoothly operate multiple accounts

User friendly and powerful dashboard

Instafly's sleek and user friendly dashboard lets you monitor activity on all accounts, check their stats, transfer time between other accounts, as well as, manage your activities simultaneously, transfer time between Instagram accounts. With Instafly's powerful dashboard you can manage hundreds of Instagram accounts easily.


Interact with genuine and targeted audience

GEO at your service

Instafly provides your targeted geolocation giving you the freedom to communicate with people who are near you. Instafly targets them using location tags on their Instagram photos. You can get target audience based on the most popular places in your area, city or country.


Exercise full control over your activities

At the right time

Instafly allows you to organize your activities by using its schedule features that lets you plan your next activity. By scheduling your activities on Instagram and choosing an appropriate speed, you can ensure that you are not using a bot and things are running on their natural flow.

Instafly Is Essential For Everybody


Whether you are a media celebrity, an artist, a trader or a businessman, you need to harness the power of Instagram and reach out to your audience! Instagram gives you the opportunity to share your life with the people who are interested in you, no matter where they are. Instafly lets you connect with your potential followers throughout the day, without making you spend your entire day on making posts on Instagram. With Instafly, you can turn on the activity and let your followers find you, while you spend your valuable time at work or with your loved ones.


If you are running a business account on Instagram, you know how much time it takes you to engage with your followers and potential customers. With Instafly, you don't have to spend a significant amount of your time on making connections or keeping up with your followers. Instafly helps you maximize your interaction with your targeted Instagram users and get your business all the attention it needs to grow and make its mark.

How Instafly Works

Get started on Instafly with 4 super easy steps

Sign up on Instafly

Quickly sign up on Instafly by filling out a short form and get access to all the advanced features of Instafly for first three days.

Connect your account

Once you have set up your main account, add all your Instagram accounts. Instafly takes security and privacy of your information very seriously.


Customize the settings on your Instafly account according to your preference and target Instagram accounts that matter to you.

Enjoy The Ride!

Relax and enjoy every bit of your time with Instafly as we help you take over the world. Just hit the button and watch your followers grow.